Pollution Prevention Case Studies

Together WE can help save the planet from pollution.

Here, you’ll find some highlight research and case studies about pollution prevention. Please note, these are just a small number of studies. They were selected because we felt were really interesting, or they would be really beneficial information for individuals at home looking to make an impact and help.

Tonawanda and E3’s Partnership for a Brighter Future

In the Town of Tonawanda, New York, residents living near industrial facilities found high levels of air pollutants. The town, state, federal, and local Economy, Energy, Environment (E3) came together to solve this problem and improve the healthy of the town’s residents.

The complete study can be found here.

Preventing Pesticide Poisonings in Ecuador

Potato farmers in northern Ecuador suffer health problems as a result of having been exposed to high concentrations of pesticides. Integrated Pest Management, a less harmful alternative to just toxic insecticides were introduced and education for safety was promoted.

The complete study is located here.

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