About Us

Together WE can help save the planet from pollution.

West P2 Net’s Mission

The goal of West P2 Net is to promote pollution prevention for the western world (at moment, mainly the United States). We are citizens and residents of the United States and we believe that together, we can work to help reduce and prevent pollution to our beautiful Earth, and the land in which our wonderful country sits upon.

What about the rest of the world, you ask? We love them just as much as we love the land in which we live in. While we would love to one day be able to extend our efforts to other locations of the world, at the moment, it is beyond our capabilities. We hope to start here, and then slowly work to extend our reach to the entire planet. Of course, we do hope that the information provided here reaches it’s way across mother Earth. We welcome any visitors, regardless of where they are located. We welcome cooperation from anyone, and anywhere, who wishes to help preserve precious Mother Earth.